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Tom Bennett

SOBRIETY DATE : 02/06/1989

My name’s Tom Bennett, I’m an alcoholic. Born and raised an Ohioan, youngest of seven and born a New Year’s baby. My mother died when I was 2, Father retired a mill worker. We were somewhere between poor and middle class but always surrounded by a ton of family love. I excelled scholastically, played sports and was baptized in the Baptist Church. Later on married in that same church, on the day of high school graduation I was both a husband and a father. I was hooked on what alcohol did for me from the very start at age 14. However a half decent value system slowed the progression of my disease. I was setting up a family with 5 kids and career goals. Fast forward 27 years from that first drink, I was in and out of blackouts and maintenance drinking. Not a stranger to jail serving multiple times in lock up. Of course the wife and 5 kids drug up, literally fleeing for their lives. That architectural career (over-seeing 25 draftsmen) was wiped out. Losing your soul is ugly. The loneliness along with gut wrenching guilt and shame led me to a jumping off place. I couldn’t live with alcohol and could not live without it. After 6 months of lock-up and facing a back to back lock up for a year my surrender came from within. I was literally touched by the hand of the Master. Against my attorney’s advice In February 1989 I entered a 28 day treatment facility. At Samaritan Hall in North Dayton I was detoxed and educated about the disease of alcoholism. They introduced me to the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. I asked another man named Howie in AA to be my Sponsor. That guy read the Big Book with me and had me work the 12 Steps in the process. Once I saw my part in all the past problems and rectified them with direct amends life started a dramatic 180. Relationships healed and the career came back. More importantly, the program required that once I received the precious gift of sobriety I was mandated to pass it on to other men who are suffering. If I make it to Feb. 6, 2019 I will have 30 years continuous without a drink or a drug. My Sponsor has been with me that entire time. I live a life beyond my wildest dreams. I lost that ex-wife in the process but gained a friend and husband-in-law. Those 5 beautiful children are absolutely precious and yes, quite fruitful too. Many grandchildren and one great grand-daughter provide endless love, joy and stories. I’m all in and thoroughly convinced that God’s Grace got me here and that God’s Love will keep me here. Thank you for letting me share.