Syrian Brides: Short Stories by Anna Halabi, Paperback

Some family disharmony and beliefs were painful to contemplate but contained sly humour. I liked the stories best where clever women secretly took revenge on their men. I enjoyed how the writing followed the rhythm of the Syrian speech patterns and their expressions, and that unfamiliar words were translated for the reader.

  • The concept of Zaffe is not limited to wedding events, and it was originally used to welcome and escort political figures.
  • Yet, in the face of severe security challenges, the international community continues to ignore the calls of AANES and the SDF which both demand the repatriation of foreign nationals.
  • In June 2021, the WFP announced that 21,000 refugees will no longer receive cash assistance due to a lack of funds and that 250,000 refugees may see reduced food assistance.
  • I was just glad our author saw an opportunity to improve her own life.
  • The first reason relates to natural-basic feeling of all brides, prior their marriage, as Rim explains “Every girl in my age dreams about a husband and waits for him a long time.

The political conditions are unknown, the experience is traumatic and cruel, I don’t suggest anyone to experience this”. 9) Describe your relationship with your husband’s family today. “For this, reason my cousin, out of his good heart, wanted to help out by getting engaged to my daughter and supporting us financially,” she said. Even some of the data collectors, who were selected from the community being surveyed, are struggling with the pressure to marry off their daughters. Syrian mail-order brides like men who treat them with respect and kindness. Your chances to win her heart are higher if you are a man like that. Also, most of these charming ladies want to escape poverty and war.

Abu Issam, finally feeling noticed, repeated his warm welcome. Ola says she regrets getting married so early, because she could have finished her education. But when asked about her daughter, Fatima says she would want her daughter to finish her education and not marry early.

Anna Halabi

So they become the best candidates to have romantic relationships with every foreign man. is the only portal in the history of online matrimony to provide matrimony services solely based on community. It has dedicated approximately 300+ portals for various communities across the globe.. Many males admire submissive and loyal women who are ready to sacrifice everything to be with a person they love. However, it’s almost impossible to find such one in western countries, while Middle East women possess lots of those features appreciated by males.

The women’s advises to the new bribes are practical and include number of aspects. Nagwa suggests finishing school already in Syria, before coming to Israel. “At first, fulfil your dreams, finish school/college and then you would be able to work, to trust yourself and have confidence, thus, to be independent”. Morgana offers to study about the life in Israel already in Syria, in order to ease her future adaptation “So she would understand situations in her new life, would learn the behavioral codes, what to expect, for everything differs Syria. It would greatly improve and facilitate her integration to the new life”. Morgana also believes that she had made a mistake, yet she relates it to lack of self-fulfillment “For years I didn’t fulfill my dreams―I did not continued studying, I haven’t worked at all, just sat at home and gave birth children. In Damascus there are more alternatives for female to learn and work freely, outside the village, here it is very difficult”.

A beautiful view into the culture of Syrian women, their lives and relationships.” — L.H. My friend’s mother began married life without friends or family, but made the most of it over the years and has been relatively happy.


In addition, due to the blood relationship with the families in Syria, the number of marriages between Druze of these countries was greater than those of the marriage in the Golan Heights and Lebanon. […] In support of Canada’s leading role in the advancement of refugee issues and the implementation of the GCR , it is important to scrutinize the notion of gender empowerment and related notions, such as agency, forced marriage and SGBV. […] Why would I work and degrade myself, meet this and meet that, the good and the bad? No, I apply Sotra to myself and my daughter and find a human being who is honest and straightforward and offers me a decent life. While the world has been hearing so much about Syria, little can be called uplifting or highly promising.

Only after 8 long years I got the ID card, by this time I had already paid a lot of money for medical treatments, I know there are lots of women in my condition”. Asil added in the same context of health that “At the beginning when I did not have my ID card, I was refrained from getting pregnant in order to avoid paying thousands of Shekels”.